There are millions of useful websites around and we hardly come across less than 1% of it, which makes it very hard to know about some incredibly good and useful websites, I have compiled a list of websites that I find particularly very helpful but are not heavily popular. so go ahead and bookmark these useful websites to your useful websites list.

1: Bug Me Not

This first useful website is one of those useful websites that does exactly what it says! There are multiple websites out there that won’t allow you to access their content unless you sign up on their website, But for that one content, you shouldn’t be going through the process of creating the account and verifying it! This is where “Bug Me Not” come’s in!

Just paste the URL of the website and you will receive the login credentials for the website, (100% working will not be guaranteed as some website’s block these credentials) Login using the credentials (All the credentials are provided by peer users, just like contributing to the open-source project) and u can proceed with whatever you want! Handy, Isn’t it? Now go ahead and add this to your useful websites list.

Click to Visit BUG ME NOT


2: Have I Been Pwned

Have I Been Pwned
There are millions of data breaches that happen everywhere and if you are one of those unlucky ones who had signed up on those websites, (there are high chances that you are considering the high profile websites that are getting hacked nowadays!) then your email ID, password, location data, and other personal information would be compromised! But how do u keep track of all websites you signed up and all websites where data breaching took place? , you need not! “Have I Been Pwned” does that for you!

You just need to enter your email address and the website will show if your email address is compromised in the security breach by scanning against its database! isn’t it a useful website? I know you all agree!  add this useful website to your useful websites list. You can thank us later!

Pro Tip: if you find that your email is compromised, we recommend you to quickly change the password to a stronger one, move all sensitive data to different locations and enable 2FA and select log out of all existing locations/ sign-in while changing password.

Click Here to Visit Have I Been Pwned


3: 10 Minute Mail

10 minute Mail
Maybe you want to sign up for a website that you think is a useful website for a particular work, but you don’t know how trusted the website is! So it’s obvious that you don’t want to disclose your real identity! That’s where 10-minute mail comes in Handy!

Visit their website, u will receive 10-minute disposable mail with access to the inbox which you can use for signup and verify the OTP or do whatever you want! Later the email address will be disposed of! For all the people in search of quirky websites, you need to add this useful website to your useful websites list and it can save you from sharing your real identity.

Click Here To Visit 10 Minute Mail


4: Radio Garden

Radio Garden
Want to enjoy the radio on the go with 10,000+ radio channels?, simply tune in to Radio Garden and you can listen to any radio station around the Globe! As a cherry on top, the responsive Globe on the UI helps to search the Radio stations much better! add this useful website to your useful websites list and bring back the radio listening fun! Don’t you think this is a useful website? Let us know in the comments!

Click Here to visit Radio Garden


5: Paste-bin

Paste Bin
Paste-Bin is simply your shareable sticky notes with added features targeted at customers who want to share their notes! U can have syntax highlighting for various features (like programming languages) and set the expiry time based on time after which the pasted content will automatically be thrashed! Just create a paste and share the URL, Anyone with URL can have access to it! if you are someone who needs to share notes that get quickly deleted as soon as they read or like sharing to multiple people online then you need to add this useful website to your useful websites list.

Click Here to Visit Paste BIN


6: Virus Total

Virus Total

Virus Total is the no 1 online portal where u can upload the suspicious files before running or saving on your computer to make sure that it is Virus free! U can also scan URL, Domain, or File Hash to make sure it is safe! It’s a free service and definitely a handy tool! if you are one of those people who download lots of files from unknown resources then you need to add this useful website to your useful websites list.

Click Here to visit Virus Total


7: Get Notify

Get Notify
Have you ever wished that you could come come to know if your email is read, in the same way as WhatsApp or Instagram message? Then you are at the correct place! Get Notify does exactly this! Visit their website and sign-up. Next time u want to track a mail simply add ( This suffix will not be visible to the recipient and he/she will not know if the email is being tracked)  at the end of the mail address.

For example if the email address is [email protected] then add the email as [email protected] and you can track the status at the website dashboard. Now for all the curious people out there you need to  add this to your useful websites list

Click Here to Visit


8: Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha e1593982800908

This is a unique Website that uses Answer Engine that works similar to a search engine. When u make a google search it returns the answer with a bunch of websites that it thinks is relevant to the search based on its intelligence. But Wolfram Alpha is quite different, When User submits queries and computation requests via a text field, Wolfram Alpha then computes answers from a knowledge base of curated, structured data that comes from other sites and books. The site then uses a portfolio of automated and manual methods, including statistics, visualization, source cross-checking, and expert review.

The curated data makes Alpha different from semantic search engines like google, which index many answers and then try to match the question to one. Give a try and it’s going to be a good experience! For all the students or calculus people you definitely need to add this to your useful websites list.

Click Here to visit Wolfram Alpha


9: Pixel Thoughts

Pixel Thought home
Take a moment out of your day to enjoy a beautiful meditation on the relationship between ourselves and the universe. Simply focus on something that is troubling you and let the meditation offer you some perspective. Recommended with headphones. This is my go-to tool if I am feeling stressed out! Will not disclose more, go and check out yourself! I am sure you will like it so go ahead and add this to your useful websites list.

Click Here to Visit Pixel Thoughts


10: File Chef

file Chef

File Chef is an application that makes it easy to download almost anything you want Directly. File Chef open’s a tab in Google on your preferred browser with very specific search parameters. These search parameters are generated by File Chef and will help you quickly access directories of Download websites in which you’ll typically find what you’re looking for! The File Chef interface is very simple.

There is a text box in which you can type whatever you want to download and a series of categories that you can check to help focus your search (movies, software, images, music, etc.). When you click the search button, the app will redirect you to your browser. And from there, on your own browser, you can download whatever you want. You can add this to your useful websites list.

Click Here to Visit File Chef



There are Millions of useful websites out there and we have put in our best effort at getting some of the best useful websites to you in a curated manner! If you like our list of useful websites let and know in the comment and we will make a sequel to it! There is also a great article by us talking about 10 best google chrome extensions which you should totally check out and i know you will love it! By the way which website was the most useful for you from our list of useful websites? Let us know in the comments!