CoronaVirus is a large family of viruses that cause respiratory infections. These can range from the common cold to more serious diseases. Remember the last time u got wet in the rain or your friend transferred cold through his sneezing or cough in school? , That is also caused by a type of coronavirus for which your doctor would have prescribed a Few antibiotics, with cough syrup and cetirizine, Then why is the world panicking about this virus when your doctor had described a prescription before? let’s Find out!!

For beginners, the CoronaVirus that’s causing the COVID-19 Disease is a Novel CoronaVirus ( named SARS-CoV-2 ) which means this virus is unknown to the humankind and your body will not have any Anti-bodies as your immune system was never exposed to this virus and you can spread this virus during the incubation period which means that the virus is inside your body replicating itself and you will have no symptoms of any Viral Infection.

The symptoms of this virus include common cold with high fever, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose with mild cough in the beginning and coincidently this is a Flu season and these symptoms are exactly the same symptoms as that of a common cold that we discussed earlier, which makes it very hard to distinguish as only in later stages people develop severe symptoms like shortness of breath and pneumonia.

In many of the cases ( about 80% ), people do not develop any severe symptoms and recover without the need for Hospitalization, only the elderly people with the weaker immune system or the people with an underlying medical condition like Diabetes, cancer and respiratory diseases need special medical care

Here are some of the demographics :

Coronavirus CFR by age in China 1 800x526 1

Coronavirus CFR by health condition in China

Coronavirus Symptoms – WHO joint mission 2 800x429 1

So should you really be worried?

Since This is a Noval coronavirus and we are at the early stage of assessment of the Virus, we are not sure whether this disease will have a secondary symptom later, can the virus hide in the cells and the symptoms reoccur again later in time? , ( we can see 20% of the people getting reinfected again ), does it cause any permanent damage? ( we can see that for 15% of the people the lungs are hardened and have difficulty in breathing even after walking a few steps and we are unclear whether it will heal over time ) can this virus undergo mutation which causes a Severe strain which results in severe infections and are immune to current treatments?

There are a lot of Unknowns here and if none of the above occurs,  if u are young u would suffer a little, but you will pass onto your elderly, loved ones and people with underlying diseases with week immune systems, who can’t fight the virus same as you, so take precautions to stay safe and keep your loved ones safe.

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