Thanks to Arnova, a dedicated Google camera [Gcam 7.3] is now available for download which is Near perfect [ Astro-photography, night mode, EIS, back and front camera Natural colors with excellent dynamic Range ] only with few minor bugs and u can almost call it flawless if u don’t care much about Face Retouching and High Res Slow-mo

Here is the installation procedure and link to download: Click Here

Installation Procedure:
Uninstall Any previous Gcam and delete its config folder
clear the cache of the system using Mi security app cleaner or any equivalent
Reboot ur device
Download GCAM and Configs XML from above Link
Create the path “GCam/Configs7” on-device storage
put the XML file inside “Configs7” sub-folder
open GCam and double-tap the black empty space around the shutter button and  apply config
Ur Gcam should be Ready to Use But please read below before asking any questions


Google AWB is disabled by default to ensure straightforward and hassle-free user experience. Suits all indoor and outdoor conditions by rendering accurate image temperature and colors whether shooting in natural or artificial lighting

AWB On is suitable for shooting in particular outdoor conditions where a cooler image temperature is needed. Great for capturing foliage with dark-blueish greens and generally recommended for blue colors. Especially suitable for cloudy weather and useful for framing the blue sky with a mass of water in one shot. Not suitable for capturing warm colors such as light-greens or yellow colors in general and great for neutralizing sunlight

NOTE: Google Gallery Go is recommended!

[Working] • Portrait
• Camera
• Panorama
• Google AR
• Google Lens
• Time Lapse
• Slow Motion
• Photo Sphere
• SuperResZoom
• Night Sight™Astro
• 4K ~A/24/30/60fps
• 1080p ~A/24/30/60fps
• Video Stabilization ⟨EIS⟩
• HDR+ & HDR+ Enhanced

[XML Tuning] • improved clarity
• improved details
• improved exposure
• increased sharpness
• optimized color denoise
• optimized noise reduction
• eliminated chromatic aberrations

⟨ AOSP ElS Stream Configs ⟩

1080p ~A/24/30fps » Xiaomi – Qcfa
1080p ~60fps » Xiaomi – HSR 60
4K ~A/24/30fps » Asus – Exposure Mode
Slow Motion » Xiaomi – HFR 120
Front Camera » OnePlus – OIS SR test

⟨ MIUI 9/10 EIS Stream Configs ⟩

1080p ~A/24/30fps » IMX586 QBC HDR
1080p ~60fps » Xiaomi – HSR 60
4K ~A/24/30fps » IMX586 QBC HDR
Slow Motion » Xiaomi – HFR 120
Front Camera » OnePlus – OIS SR test

Experimental Stream Configs menu can be accessed from Mods Configs Creator (But not recommended)

The front camera does not work in video mode.
To record a video with a front camera please follow these steps:
go to Camera mode › switch to front camera › long-press on the shutter button

For smoother 4K videos HEVC must be disabled from advanced settings
For smoother slow-motion videos there is a dedicated ‹Disable sound recording› toggle which can be enabled from settings
To eliminate focus hunting issues while recording a slow-motion video, tap to focus on the center of the viewfinder and lock AF/AE by tapping the lock icon on top of the EV slider
For Astro mode, there is a dedicated ‹Astrophotography On› button which can be enabled from the Night Sight drop-down menu { Focus » infinity } { Timer » 3sec }
For faster photos with HDR+ Enhanced, set Images Quality to ‹Off› or use standard HDR+ instead of Enhanced
For smoother selfies with less facial details on HDR+ Enhanced, turn off lib patcher from Mods Configs Creator and set Images Quality to ‹Off› or use standard HDR+ instead of Enhanced

∆ SuperResZoom is enabled by default for maximum photo quality ∆

••••••••••••••• CREDITS •••••••••••••••
A big thank you to Arnova8G2 for making this mod possible and special thanks to all beta testers:


[Arnova Beta 5 Slow Motion/EIS Bugs]

Slow-motion works properly only on AOSP. It doesn’t work on MIUI Pie and only works partially on MIUI Android 10. It’s not working properly on MIUI Stock Cam either because Xiaomi broke slow motion in the latest Pie versions, while MIUI 11/12 Android 10 is still in beta phase and isn’t stable enough yet
EIS works for all resolutions/fps modes on AOSP and MIUI Android 10 (including front cam)
EIS on MIUI Pie works only for 1080p ~A/24/30fps and 4K ~A/24/30fps videos (60fps doesn’t work) ( So kindly go to settings – Mod Configs Creator – experimental stream config – and select IMX586 QBC HDR Mode )

Once the stable release is available I will be updating this Thread With stable Release, so kindly subscribe to our channel enable notifications and stay tuned and do share our channel if you like my hard Work, once again special Thanks to Arnova8G2 and vlachorumsapiens for making This happen