Realme Today has launched its new budget smartphone in India called the Realme C11, Realme C11 is priced at 7499 and is available for buying on Flipkart and Realme India and Malaysia and soon to be expected to launch in other regions.
Its seams like Realme jumped 8 Generations from Realme C3 to Realme C11 in terms of naming but seems like they went 3 generations behind in terms of features and offers. I wish it was called Realme C3 lite instead of Realme C11. For an asking price of 7499 ( with no clue if there will be price Increase, seems like a common issue these days in budget phones – Releasing at lower prices and increasing price after 2 sales once the good impression is created among tech reviewer’s ) is it worth it? Let’s Find Out!


Realme C11 DIsplay

Realme c11 comes with an all-new back design similar to iPhone 11 ( now you know where the name comes from! ) from the far distant looks! When u pick up the phone u feel the grippy matte finish with a big Realme Branding! This is not a slippery phone and feels good in the hand! The edges are nicely curved to give a good feel in hand. U get the 2 color options – The Rich Green and The Rich Grey. Realme managed to create patterns on the back with light reflection on a matte surface and design overall Feels new and Refreshed!
coming to the display we have a 6.5” 1600×720 HD+  panel with good viewing angles! A pretty standard at this price point. The bezels are kept quite thin with a Dew Drop Notch on top and phone overall has a Premium look into it Like how iPhone holds on to Lightening port Realme doesn’t seem to upgrade to type C from Micro USB port! So sadly we are stuck on Micro USB port (Even Redmi 8A has moved to Type C port! ) looking into the positive side we get a triple slot ( Dedicated Micro SD slot is required considering that we have only 32 GB storage option ) Overall in Terms of Design This Phone is a Good Choice!



Realme Camera

Realme C11 houses a 5MP camera in it’s front Dew Notch Display! This 5 MP shooter takes some good selfies with natural skin tones and ample amount of details for a 5MP Shooter and it’s comparable or slightly better than to 8 MP shooter on Redmi 8A!
On the back, we have a Square Cut Out which houses a 13 MP F2.2 sensor and a 2 MP depth sensor. This 13 MP shooter takes some good photos with natural colors and accurate skin tones ( Rare at this price point), 2MP sensor does a fair good job in terms of Edge Detection. Realme has also included its chroma boost and Nightsight capabilities to this phone and the over-all camera seems to be well polished and nothing to complain here! It Gets the Job done



Realme Design

On the Heart of Realme C11, we have a Mediatek Helio G35 Chip ( 2.3Ghz Arm Cortex-A53 OctaCore ) with an IMG PowerVR GE8320 (680MHz) Which is a decent chipset and the performance lies between Qualcomm Snapdragon 439 and 636! But GPU is not very good on G35 so don’t expect much from Gaming! What Really hold’s back this phone is the 2 GB RAM! Even though It’s a better LPDDR4X RAM as they claim 2 GB is definitely not enough in 2020 and you will notice this even in day to day tasks like browsing chrome ( with multiple Tabs open ) watching YouTube videos, and scrolling social media apps while other apps are open in the background! For smoother browsing experience u need to clear RAM regularly I mean after opening about 5 to 6 apps, isn’t this annoying considering the fact that u need to open those apps again and load everything again? , I wish they had given 3 GB RAM option but that would put its price close to Realme C3, and at that price, u would get a powerful Mediatek Helio G70 chip and a Host of upgrades! So on the performance side, this phone doesn’t make any sense!


Battery Life:

realme C11 Pros

Realme C11 comes with 5000 MAH battery which should take you through a day and a half battery life considering that u won’t be able to do any battery-intensive tasks on this phone and display 720p ( don’t expect 2-day battery life as Helio G35 chipset is built on old 12nm Finfet technology and is a hungry battery monster). If you run out of battery u need to wait for around 3 hours to completely top up the battery with the included 10W charger. It comes with reverse Wired charging and hence it can be used as a power bank to charge other devices ( Additional adapter or cable needs to be purchased) Overall Good Battery life Phone!



All the Pro’s Mentioned here are considering the Price and similar offerings at this price point.

  • Good Display
  • Premium Design and Build quality
  • Good camera With natural colors and Good Details
  • 5000 mah battery
  • Good performance from Helio G35 ( only for single tasks keeping RAM clear )
  • Dedicated Micro SD slot
  • Reverse Wired Charging ( Adapter / Cable needs to be purchased separately )



All the Con’s Mentioned here are considering the Price and similar offerings at this price point.

  • Lack of Fingerprint Scanner
  • 2 GB RAM ( Multi-Tasking Becomes Night-Mare )
  • Micro USB Port
  • Slow 10W charger
  • No secondary Micro Phone for Noise cancellation
  • Poor Haptik Feedback



realme c11 Battery

Realme C11 is a phone that is built for a purpose that is not served Well! Their entire campaign is about the performance of Helio G35 when compared to other budget processors and is true. But the problem is this phone claims to game smoothly but for Gaming, the biggest needs are RAM and GPU. Helio G35 comes with PowerVR GPU which is inferior to its Adreno counter-part and coupled with 2GB RAM means Gaming is not a thing on this phone! This phone even struggles to keep up with Day to Day Tasks! Skipping the Finger Print Scanner means u are restricted to Face unlock for Quick access to the phone which is not comfortable at all situations and does not work on Low light! U would be entering the password more often to unlock the phone! Skipping secondary Micro Phone for Noise cancellation Means the background noise is more audible for the other person on the call and makes for a poor conversation experience on Outdoors!
For anyone looking for a good performance phone under 10K Realme has its own offering in the form of Narzo 10A / C3 for an additional 1K and is much better in every aspect than this Phone! With so many serious Con’s on this phone that effect the Day to Day user experience, It becomes Hard to Recommend This Phone! It’s better you Skip this!

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